Do I ever talk about anything else? I can't get rid of the stuff here quick enough. I think I might be a born again minimalist. I own an absolute ton of books but suddenly it seems okay for some of those to go too. Once upon a time I would never have thought it possible. I feel so free as it disappears. The kids are on it now too and the old fella claims to be as well. And if I get stuck then a quick watch of an episode of Hoarders is enough to kick start me again.

I did some weird, but interesting, things this week:

  • Sold a lot of Greek sandals via facebook (not my sandals, I just made contact between sellers and buyers)
  • Made a good start at writing a cookbook for my friend with a restaurant
  • Designed a cover for said cookbook (which is just being poshed up a bit by my sons girlfriend who is a graphic designer)
  • Submitted a dozen ideas for names to a local wine school for a generic name for English sparkling wine (mad but true)
  • Ordered this months meat budget online for the first time. All free range, grass fed etc. Hope it is as good as it sounds.
  • Finally mentioned my Crete house on facebook with a view to maybe renting it out and got two enquiries in first hour. Eek!
Hard to imagine what next week could bring


  1. Those sound like some exciting projects. What will you do when you run out of stuff to declutter? Buy more stuff?

  2. Noooooooooo. No, more stuff. I am already sure it breeds when I am not looking


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