May Day Bank Holiday

So many holidays at the moment. I love my job but I love it even more when I am not there so much!
So I just took a weeks holidays, came back to 2 days at work and then a 3 day weekend. Then 4 days at work and another 3 day weekend as I use up my flexi day, Then four day and another weeknd. Finally a five day week and then yet another 3 day weekend. Feels like a constant holiday!

Today Fahed is going to a wedding in Jordan, he is already in Jordan visiting his sisters obviously, he isn't just off to Amman for the day. I hope it all goes well. So far he says Jordan is peaceful as long as you stay away from the border, and I make sure he does stay away from the border.

For the rest of us I will have both boys at home today sorting out their clutter in my conservatory. I call it a conservatory but really its just a massive L shaped room which wraps the house. Between them there is a lot of stuff to go and by the end I have some useable space. I need to buy a sofabed so that we have somewhere for Ahdel & Becky to stay when they are over. Last night they wanted to stay but sofas were not so appealing.

So fingers crossed that by the end of today we have a little normality appearing.