International Naked Gardening Day

Pretty sure this wont be happening in Allbrook.
Firstly everyone seems to be fully dressed at all time.
Secondly its much colder than it was a few weeks back.
Thirdly and most importantly I have seen Game of Thrones and know that most people way better with their clothes on. Waaaay better.

And so......

I am home alone for a few days, which is very weird for me, but its quite nice to be able to do anything I want. :)

However I am who I am so my list doesn't vary too much from your average Saturday, except I dont take a picnic lunch to Fahed mid afternoon.

Eyes, down, look in:

  • Rip a load of cd's to add more songs to my Itunes/Iphone
  • Sort out a little travel bag for iphone accessories (mains charge, car charger, ear phones etc_ as they all keep wandering in all directions.
  • Sort out the 'lunch box' compartment in the larder. So many lids, so few boxes!
  • Sort out at least one box of stuff for charity
  • Complete and put away all laundry
  • Thorough tidy room by room (it is mostly de-cluttered now - we are just dealing with the Jamal effect, with his possessions pretty much everywhere

I have also ordered a dozen half sized wine bottles to give away some of my previous olive oil, with a view to everyone loving it and coming back for more :)

Lastly I am pulling together a cook book for friends in Crete to sell to their customers. They are trying to raise some money to renovate some property they own, as a pension scheme, Customers are always saying they should have a cook book, so we try and see what we can do. This is the indoors from when they opened in 2010

And the outdoors