New beginnings

I have felt lately like I am just killing time. I think it is because I knew I was going to have my third blood test. I have been trying to dodge the bullet but it wasn't happening. Had my third lot of blood tests on tuesday and today the doctor called me at work to say i need to start medication straight away rather than in three weeks time when I have my doctors appointment.

So there we are. Type 2 diabetes. Meds start in the morning. So apparently they tell me its no big deal and most of the oldies at work seem to be already in the club. I lost 2 stone and up my exercise regime but too little too late.

My priorities for the rest of this year are:
Getting my health back on track
Upping my fitness levels
Remembering to have fun
Keep on top of my finance
Help someone else to do the same
Continue declutter - so that everything which is left in my house by the time I have finished is stuff that I, or someone who lives here anyway, loves.


  1. Oh...not good news at all. Will the medicine help with your symptoms? I hope there is at least a little good news if the medicine helps you feel better?

  2. I felt frightful all the week but today I feel amazing so I am hoping that once I am on the full dosage then life will be good. Also not constantly hungry, which can only be good


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