Blimey, it's Saturday again already

Where is the time going?

And what has happened this week?

Jamal got the call on Wednesday to fly to Gibraltar on Sunday (tomorrow) to join a ship which is going to Algeria initially.

After great flurries of activities on our part he got another call on Thursday changing the ship, date of travel and destination! Fortunately this doesn't bother him. At the moment we think he flies to Casablanca (so cool) next Saturday. We get him back mid to late November

Luckily for me Jamal is now a little bored and has started to do some work in the garden. Digging and re-modeling. So far the mess is greater every time I go out there. He did make me a lovely fence though and its all good work.

I will really miss him but I am kind off looking forward to having a tidy house.

Its really weird but it feels like treading water as we are waiting for him to go

Normal service will be resumed


  1. Wow, fascinating adventures await him! I hope he enjoys his new career. It certainly sounds exotic.


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