Sunday, 5 July 2015

Action packed (but on a budget of course) Part 1

We are in the middle of a heatwave, or so the TV tells us. Some days it is 36c and the next day bacl to 20c. I must have the sense to plan that I don't work at home on the really hot ones as I did miss the aircon in my office, which I moaned about when they fitted it!

Such a busy time since Indian Friday, which by the way is now a permanent fixture at work. Last Friday of every month those who wish bring in home made Indian food, must be cooked from scratch and no cheating as Meera can tell! As we also have dress down Friday there is talk of all wearing sari's on that day too, kind of cute but a bit more hassle than cooking. It feels like a big expensive buffet lunch out somewhere but you costs very little to make.

The following day we went of to a 80th birthday party. Held in the garden during a sunny afternoon, there were homemade cakes and rolls, soft drink and some wine and beers. Most of the visitors were oldies so although there wasn't much I think it seemed enough for everyone. Entertainment was some singing of old songs and a quiz themed on the birthday boys life. Decoration was homemade bunting with old photos from various times in his life too.  I wasn't involved in catering or decor but pretty sure it didn't break the bank and the birthday boy appeared to have a great time.

Single show tunes with all of his kids

On the Monday I had a day off to visit my best friend on the Island for her mums 94th birthday. We had lunch at her house before leaving. She got us into Osborne House free, something to do with an NHS club.. We took a bottle of fizzy wine (on special offer at asda), some strawberries and a home made birthday cake. With a flask of coffee for when we started to flag. The people at the venue were so good at helping with the wheelchair that it was like being a really special guest. We even had a mini bus ride down tot he beach for our picnic. Mrs P had a lovely time and said it was worth waiting 94 years for!

I feel so much better on my medication that maybe I am only 40 after all.


  1. I am newly fascinated by people who live to be 90 and above. It is an amazing thing to still be able to enjoy life at that age. Plus, the longer people live, the higher 'middle aged' moves up.

  2. And the more fun we can fit in!
    Mrs P is living a care home now but its lovely, like a quirky hotel and life seems not too bad


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