Helloo! Anyone there

Such a time. My lovely mum has been poorly and my mind is nowhere else.

She had a series of mini strokes but in the end I managed to get them to see a doctor and mum was sent straight to the hospital. Checked out, kept in for some days and then onto new drugs. But then her scan didn't look so good so back into hospital for a kind of flushing out of her carotid artery. She was more cool about it than we were. She is 86 and I think too old for anaesthetic really. After some time in ICU she was allowed back to her ward and finally home to us. Now she looks amazing.  Mum & Dad have been married for 65 years come September and I notice that my dad wasn't scared like I was. I think it was because he couldn't quite conceive of ever losing her. Very beautiful. My sister and I had more an idea of reality though, so it was more scary. Anyway now we are back to normalish.

Combined with my diabetes diagnosis I find myself even more aware than usual that life in finite and I should fit in as much as I can.


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