Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Success with homemade Christmas Spirit

Eve and I got together on Sunday. Coffee and chat obviously but then it seemed like a good idea to test some of the drinks we have been making, as no-one had to go near a car until the following day.

Arancello - We used Sainsbury's basics vodka, Aldi granulated sugar, a tin of ma-made marmalade kit. We made a syrup from the sugar and some water and the stirred it into the oranges once it had cooled, then added the vodka.  We made this about 4 months ago.

Limoncello - Sainsbury's basics vodka again (cheaper is better as you don't want any taste to it at all). Asda granulated sugar. Zest and juice from a bag of asda unwaxed lemon.  We made a syrup with water and the sugar. Added to the vodka once cooled. Left also for about 4 months. Very nice but more than a hint of lemon washing up liquid.                                                

Paddingtons Revenge - a mixture of the 2 above and just perfectly wonderful. We thought it tasted like really sharp marmalade, so might appeal to a certain bear. Darn good stuff.

Quince Gin or possibly vodka - 5 grated quince from the garden (including the core - the recipe stressed this), sugar again, the base was Sainsburys basic but Eve cant remember if it was gin or vodka. To me it wasn't as fresh and zingy as the citrus but on a cold winter night I should imagine it would be most appealing                                                                                                           6/10

Sloe Gin - Classic homemade liqueur. Sloes picked on the island. Frozen so that they pop their skins, sugar, gin. Leave for six month turning occasionally. Bottled up and now approx 4 years old. Very good stuff                                                                                                                                     8/10


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