I have been crafty

Well crafting. I mentioned finding an aging half made patchwork quilt. After two solid evenings of sewing, the machine kind, I have pretty much finished the patchwork bit. Tomorrow I am  planning to back it, which i think might be called batting it? , with a double sheet and some ikea fleeces. I will do some measuring tomorrow and see what works.

My youngest son is almost in Mobile, Alabama. Such a long way from Allbrook. I have been reading up and it looks like a nice place. The food looks just his kind of thing, the sort of thing which kills you but makes you happy first! Luckily he will only be there for a few weeks so his arteries should not fur up too much. I am seriously jealous, as usual. He thoroughly enjoyed Rio de Janeiro too. Sigh! Being envious of ones children is so not cool!

I am moving my office.study/craftroom from a bedroom to a part of the downstairs and its prompting me to sort out all my old crafting junk too. Its good for the soul I am sure but I cant believe how much goes and I miss nothing. Its so delightful.

This is a small close up of my patchwork


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