Friday, 28 August 2015

We make plans:God laughs

We have plans for our Crete visit. We saved hard, we prefer to use our 'spare' money and not credit, and had enough to get a man with an excavator to do some work for us, some wall building and some other work. All going to plan.

Last night Fahed had a call that his sister suffered a heart attack. 3 arteries are blocked and she is too ill for any operation, even stents or angioplasty, I think because she is also diabetic. What can you do? Well not very much but at the least get out to see her. Thats half my savings gone right there. I wish it could help but it cant, not really, but its good to go for support. Her children are there too. Oh and its not so easy anyway to find an affordable flight to Beirut.

Fahed employers are very kind, he takes these weeks without being paid but they were so good. Hopefully we get our holiday okay too. We have seven visitors joining us so we cant just not go.

Poor old Ameena. She is such a fun and lively person. If anyone is doing any praying then I am sure she would be happy to get a mention. xx  Well actually I guess most of the family would as they are mostly stuck in Syria. I can tell you it makes you very aware of how lucky you are.


  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear that. Strange how life take sudden dips and curves. One minute it is all going as planned and the next, all shaken up.

  2. It is indeed. It reminds us we are not running the place i guess.


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