All around the world

For the last few days we are very spread out.

Fahed is in Beirut, Lebanon, Asia.
Jamal in Beaumont, Texas, USA
Me at home in Allbrook
Ahdel was at Waddow Hall, somewhere up North (!), UK

I also noticed that by the time Jamal is home again he will have been to Europe, Africa, America & Asia, in one trip. I asked if he could visit Australia too so that we get all five land based continents in one trip but the ship is due to go to dry dock in China so no chance.

I think I need to get a new World Map to track everyone's wanderings.

So anyway no news from Fahed for a few days so I am taking that as good news.
Here I am just keep myself busy. I have a new 'thing' that I have been doing and it works for me.
I have my notepad and have started to carry it everywhere with me, A simple daily to do list but for me it works better when its paper than on my phone..

I lable up the pages for a few days ahead
Then I add in the definites like pick up prescriptions, book appointments etc
Each night and over my morning coffee I run through previous days list and see what was missed and still needs doing or not, then rack my brain for other additions. Of course if i think of them during the day then they get added.
Plus a section at the bottom for things I need to buy.
And even though this is really really simple it is working. I am getting tons done (maybe because the men are all some place else , hmmm?)
And I know this because day before yesterday I put my pen down someplace else instead of attached to the book and turned back into my usual get a few things done and then get distracted self.

So now I am just looking for a pen (there are many thousands in my house, they are just all hiding) and I am going to update my lists and burst into activity. Yes, really I am.

In amongst all of my activities I painted the wall around my cooker a really lively dark bluey green. Be interesting to see if the old fella likes it :)


  1. That's a very pretty kitchen with the wood and black tile. I like the wall color. Are there lights above? I could see some string lights/Christmas lights there.

  2. There is a central light in the kitchen and i think its just the five bulbs from that shining on the cooker hood. Hope he likes it but i will leave rest of the kitchen white as it very bright but also dark. oops :)


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