Property Maintenance Day

That is every Sunday to be honest but tthats what you get for living in an old house.

We have two lists, one for wet weather and one for dry weather. At the end of Sunday we look at what we have completed and anything missed moves to next Sunday.

Wet list (i.e. indoors)
Repairs all of the wooden chairs which are coming apart, with wood glue.
Hang big mirrors in downstairs bathroom
Frame the 'window' which is actually an empty space between kitchen and conservatory.
Varnish all new woodwork
Fill all the little gaps in the doors frames with a mixture of filler and sawdust so that they all disappear :)

Dry List (out in the winter weather!)
Mix concrete and lay base and pavers to a corner of the garden. Its only one line of the list but much heavier work.

Top up list (Any time left at the end of work)
Shed tidy up
Move painting and decorating stuff to indoor storage - so much easier to find!
Start work on loose covers for my sofa.

And I was going to say:
Start moving my desk and pc from my old upstairs office to my new downstairs area but I am wondering whether to leave it where it is and just have a revamp. Then the new area can better contain the other stuff. So maybe this is just a point for discussion!

Back later...and hopefully with productive and inspiring photos!


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