Weekends rush round

I had a revelation about why I don't like routines. It way to easy to notice how fast time is passing when each week is structured the same. I really notice it since I got into a routine about which days I work where. I am not liking it. I need more breaks from normality. Maybe that why holidays seem to be so long and are so quickly forgotten? Routine is easier but maybe good for some, like my husband who hates change and is basically a large cat (!), but not for me.

This week my laptop died and so Fahed fitted a new hard drive and then it died some more. So my lovely husband bought me a gift using his pocket money, all of his pocket money in fact I would think and for the first time in my life I have a fancy new laptop, and its lovely. As is he. Of course there wont be waste, he is still fixing the old one and it will live at the Crete house for us to use and maybe to fix up some kind of web cam to keep an eye on the place as we suffer a bit when there is a lot of rain.

Every Sunday is house maintenance day. What we do depends on the weather but we have a wet plan and a dry plan. This week we are also spending Monday on our tasks. One day this old house will be finished! One day.

This is my recently completed patchwork quilt, and Merlin the cat choosing to not sit on the cat blanket area, typically.


  1. Awesome quilt! I have never had the time for quilting. Your kitties are all grown up!

  2. I did when i was younger. I think i was in my 20s when i did most of the work.
    They are all huge!


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