Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year

I went to check back on my 2015 goals and haven't yet quite remembered where I wrote them Doh! However with coaxing from my friend I remembered quite a few.

I was about £1500 short on mortgage repayments
I lost 12 kg but put 3kg back on, so overall 9kg. If I do the same this year then I will consider that a win.
Commence legalisation of Crete House - well I got a Greek accountant and have been paying relentlessly but not sure I am progressing, sometimes. Its all hugely complex.
Plan a cruiser. I planned but old fella didn't want to go so that's that
Improve my Greek. yes slightly.
Bring some of my neighbours olive oil home for my friends. Yep.
Sort out cars - Yes, we are fully car'd up.
Visit Newcastle. Yes, we collected Jamal when he finished his last college phase and took a week long trip including time in Edinburgh. Was great fun.

So overall I am fairly content. Bring on 2016

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