Last Years Goals - proper re-visit

Reduce mortgage capital by over £10k - this is the minimum but not sure how much it was be in over-payments as the interest rate is potentially changing ALMOST

Commence legalization of the Crete house - going to take years and cost a ton but if I start it then I will be closer to finishing it PAID MY TAX ETC SO WE PROGRESS SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY

Lose a further 20kg with my new healthier liftstyle -  I am not saying I have lost 8kg so far as that belongs to 2014 and the slightly lighter me is now real me. So the current weight is my new base. LOST 12

Devise a new income plan -  Some additional income, maybe for now, or maybe for something to do during retirement/early retirement.   ( I am a massive MMM fan so retirement means doing what you like not doing nothing) I HAVE SOME IDEAS WHICH I WILL TALK ABOUT SOON

Make sure to cycle at least weekly and preferably more. - This may lead to cycle to work unless working at a different location or needing the car to carry stuff. Not sure yet. NO BUT FAR MORE WALKING

Enjoy my house - Continuing with simplifying and de-cluttering until what is left is all we need. This is really simple but its making so much difference to me. YES VERY MUCH, STILL DITCHING STUFF THOUGH

Speak a little Greek to my neighbours - I can understand quite a lot now but I really need to work on speaking back. My neighbours are adorable and would love to chat more. YES, MUCH IMPROVED

Import and sell a batch of Olive Oil - one of my lovely neighbours is having some trouble selling their oil, which is their main livelihood,  Or I guess they all are but only one has told me. I would like to buy some from him and ship it home to sell to friends. YES AND IT WAS DELICIOUS AND VERY POPULAR

Dancing - I love dancing and its good for me. Lets get it onto the calendar BIG FAT FAIL

Visit Newcastle - My son is in his second year at Uni and I have been up to visit him and see the place YES AND HAD A GREAT TIME

Plan a cruise - Maybe not in the year as I have a lot of other holiday things planned but maybe set the wheels in motion PLANNED BUT NOONE WAS INTERESTED

Cats fully trained - Can cats be trained? Well anyway I want them to understand the cat flap, how to sneak through windows, what is and what isn't a litter try and the  sofa is not the place to sharpen your claws.YES, BLESS THEIR LITTLE FLUFFY TAILS

Car - We are sharing a car. Its okay but not convenient at all. Sort this in the year. DONE

Clear my overdraft - I tend to forget I have an overdraft because it is free but I would be happier without it so every time I get any money (i.e. pay day or expenses day) I plan to reduce it by £100. WELL REDUCED BUT NOT DEAD

Sleep well - I was sleeping well previously after my NLP anchoring thing. I need to get back to that. FORGOT ALL ABOUT NLP BUT PRETTY GOOD SLEEPER

Have a better hair cut - I am thinking have a visit to a fancy salon to get some advice and an initial cut. I cant believe its not possible for my hair to look better than it does right now! NO, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO BETTER

Poker in Vegas - Fahed has two really good wins at poker over Christmas. So I struck whilst the kettle was hot (is that a saying) and said 'why don't we put all your winnings in a pot and when we have enough we can go to Vegas. You can play poker and I can do whatever else they have'. I have never been to Vegas and I think this would be fun. The pot might take a while to get full enough though. POKER GOING WELL GENERALLY BUT HE JUST ISNT INTERESTED IN VEGAS, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT

All new underwear - Okay this is a funny one but I am thinking measured for bras. And whilst I am at it then some fancy pants too! SORT OF BUT NOT ENTIRELY

Kayaking - Just have a go. Looks fun and maybe I would like it. NOPE BUT I HAVE A PROMISE OF A SESSION ONCE THE SEA WARMS UP A BIT

SupPer club - I really fancy the idea of something like a pop up restaurant at our house or somewhere where you are, for one evening, a restaurant. I obviously delegate the cooking to Fahed but all the same, its a goal for me. I HAVE GOT TO THE STAGE OF GETTING HIM TO CONSIDER IT

That;s not actually bad at all so I am going to crack on with a lisst for this year. What is a more inspiring word than goal list?


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    1. Warm glow indeed although no-one has given me a holiday in Ibiza or offered me a piano so I might have a wish section this year too xx

  2. How about "aspirations"? I don't know if I should even make a list. I forget about them by February. Good progress on your list!

    1. Aspirations does sound rather lovely.
      I wrote this list in my to do book and checked it during the year but then my my book was finished so i copied them out, threw away old book and lost the list until I dug about on my blog. Anyway, you are doing pretty darn good without a list.


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