The 2016 Reading Challenge

I haven't read so much lately as I used too and i think I would benefit both from a bit more reading and from broadening my horizons.

So me, my best mate and my son (and probably thousands of other people) and trying this challenge.

This is where I am so far. My best friend has the opposite problem. She spent last evening chosing books and now has loads and needs to prune

A book published this year
A book you can finish in a day-
A book you have been meaning to read - Superfreakonomics
A book recommended - A year of reading dangerously
A book you read in school- The Devils Disciple - George Bernard Shaw
A book chosen for you by spouse, child etc
A book published before you were born
A book banned at some point
A book previously abandoned
A book you own but never read
A book that intimidates you
A book you have already read at least once

I am not sure how to find a book that intimidates me. Can a book intimidate? I shall ponder on what that means.
Anyone want to join in? Its only 12 books for the whole year so should be pretty easy..


  1. my friend is reading Don Quixote - that intimidates me!

  2. I read one book for teens last month. I had to wear my reading glasses. I hate my glasses. This is why I don't read anymore. I guess I need one of those kindles with big type so I don't have to wear glasses.


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