Wednesday, 20 July 2016

and so to plan

So food. Nutrition v entertainment. For the moment its only nutrition. I have stopped watching any cookery programmes, even Hugh and his chickens. And i have ditched all my food blogs from feedly. Stop torturing myself I thought. I am not even hungry so no excuses.

And my natural inclination to organise things got an outing today. Sorted out my sons flights to visit us out at the Crete house. A lift up to London with people who are already going that way, Easyjet out, Ryan-air back to Bristol and train back to Southampton.  He is very happy. He wishes that the people who organise his flights home from the ships were so interested in his welfare. Last time he was 7 hours in Paris Charles de Gaul waiting for a connection to Heathrow, so I think I see his point. They forget its actually people travelling.

So new PM is Theresa May. Seems like a proper scary old bird so far. That;s democracy for you, Or so I keep being told

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  1. 7 hours! I hope the airport had good food, at least.


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