Monday, 18 July 2016

Second weigh in

Just short of 1 stone this week. In total I mean, not just this week. 13lb which is around 5kg. I think I am happy. I am certainly not hungry. She also measures inches and there seem a lot more gone than i would expect. And someone at work said today I had lost weight, which is always gratifying. And they never mention when I put it on, which is kind,

Yesterday, in what must surely be one of the hottest days of the year so far, I helped Fahed to move 4 ton of top soil. So i think that I am getting enough aerobic exercise. I was pretty much done in by the end of it but now the skip is ready for collection. So yay!

With our little bit of remaining energy we also moved my desk from the office upstairs to my newly designated office downstairs. And then the wardrobe from our bedroom into  the office which is now pretty much just clothing storage. Its not a nice room. small and has a small window. Out house is old and cottagy so the ceiling slants in to about half way down the walls so also a hard room to make good use off. Anyway now it has been relegated to a cupboard and suddenly I like it a lot more.

In my desire to 'organise things', well events really, I like people to have a good time I did wonder about a Ukulele Jam at the local football club,  I am not sure what a Ukulele Jam is but my friend is always going to them so I imagine lots of Ukulele players in a confined space, with beer. Today a Ukulele Jam and beer festival at the football club came up on my facebook news feed. I was too slow with my idea. Too slow Bozo as the kids would say. Never mind, I guess it saved me form a day of Ukuleleing anyway


  1. wow well done with the weight loss. I am experimenting with the 5:2 which I did manage to do yesterday.

  2. Thank you. I think 5:2 is probably harder as you cant gt into the routine. Once you are on the 600/800 calories you dont actually get hungry, only a in first days. So with 5:2 I am thinking its like perpetual first days?


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