Tuesday, 2 August 2016

4 weeks in

20lb down. I think I am happy with that. I made myself a target list which has things on it like horse riding weight, time to have a go on a climbing wall.  Also a photo taken in same pose (at the table, looking like I am waiting for dinner to arrive, since you asked)which i may one day share with someone if I ever look any better :)

I lost a car tyre!

My 'organising things' thing hasn't progressed quite as hoped. I have quite a few people for the dancing class at work but too many are away during August. And I am away for a bit of September and a lot of October. But I do my advertising and sorting venue etc now and maybe they can have it after summer anyway.

So anyway we are about 8 weeks away from our lovely regular 1 month in Crete. I think this is my favourite time of the year when I start organising everything. Hiring car, boxing up what we need for whatever worked we have planned in the year and getting it shipped over. Making sure all the friends and family that want to visit us can do so. This year I think we have 5 days at the beginning of the break where it is just us but otherwise we are never alone! Will be so lovely! This year we have to do some disabled adaptations for my mama. Last year she fell and cracked her head so we need more handrails and banisters. Also we are taking the downstairs bath out of the bathroom and having a walk in shower. Better for all the oldies. We need to get this all done in first 5 days because they will try to stop us else. they don't like to be an inconvenience! Also getting rid of the bath works better. We have hot water from the solar heater. Plenty for everyone to shower a couple of times each day but not enough for 8 people to bathe. So this is a more egalitarian solution.


  1. Hey good for you, that is very hard work!

  2. thank you. It is making me happy and full of bounce. Like Tigger!


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