Weekend. Whats not to love

Saturday morning and the old fella has no work today following his knee operation last week. So we are in the unusual position of having a whole weekend together. He can walk as long as its flat ground and not huge distances.  I am happy to do anything as long as it doesn't involve eating or the temptations of food. lol. This leaves us with a weekend where we could go away, to the seaside or somewhere but maybe pottering about near home is best. So I made a list! Of course I did

  • Visit mum and dad for coffee and chat. I have to fight off the food a bit there but not too bad.
  • Book Faheds sports massage. We could do this by phone but if we go to the town then we can do a little extra walking to book it in the shop. All light walking is good. No heavy duty trekking through the woods or similar until after first month.
  • Pick up a very small amount of shopping.
  • Visit the library. Not something I often say as queen of the kindle but Fahed has given me his old ipod which i was planning to fill up with some audio books to encourage me on a few longer walks. I cant actually find the ipod yet but baby steps and all that.
  • Visit my friends 'German Margret' and hubs for more coffee and chat. Should be okay with food avoidance there.

The big things missing on my list at the moment are feeding people and the meal planning that goes with it. :(  But there is only the two of us at home now, back to three when Jamal finishes college in Newcastle soon,  Fahed seems happy to be grazing. He eats loads of salad and then maybe some tuna or eggs. I think seeing me losing my weight is inspiring him to lose some too but i am not sure he really need to too much. He hurt knew January before last and is about 10kg heavier now without all his martial arts classes. But after holiday he can go back to them so i bet he drops that again by Christmas.  I bought him a fitbit as I was convinced he didn't move around enough, only to find that he moves around way more than I do. lol. 

And talking of moving around this week I attended the advanced class at our Bollywood dancing class. The room was so full of energy it was amazing. We have a joint class through August as so many people on holiday but from September it is two classes again.  I asked the teacher if I can come to both and she is happy for that. I feel that will help my fitness levels quite a bit, as well as it being the best fun ever. Why couldn't I discover dancing 30 years ago? Doh, but that time has gone so no point in worrying now


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