Tuesday, 6 September 2016


The house across the road from us is being extended and having a new gable end fitted in the extended roof, and all re-tiled. Its brilliant to watch. these guys so know what they are doing, and so effortless. Maybe its the same as I am with Excel but theirs really looks more impressive!  The guy on the scaffolding is literally throwing piles of tiles up to the guy on the roof and he is just like dealing cards with them. Makes me inclined to re-roof my house. Stop it! There is enough to do already...........

Most of the mess has disappeared with Jamal, so a quick vacuum right through and it looks okay again. Except that now Fahed is refurbishing a mirror in the conservatory. At least he did the main rubbing down in his shed. I am hopeful of the rubbing down between coats being in the garden but who knows. At least I get a mirror out of it. He is using the paint I bought for the front door and never got around to using. But, like the roof tile guys across the road, glad somebody has the skills to do sometihng useful with it


  1. Good skills seem to be rare nowadays. Every time I have to hire someone it seems like a gamble. Will they do a good job or rip me off.

  2. I feel the same way. Lucky for me the old fella can do most things, unluckily that means I have to wait ages to get anything done..........


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