Saturday, 26 November 2016

DO try this at home (or work or anywhere)

We are doing a 'thing' this year at work. The place is always awash for yummy snacks, chocolate advent calendars etc for the whole of December but this year we had a few suggestions to share the love around.

My boss suggested a Reverse Advent Calendar after seeing the idea on Facebook. Those of us who have signed up are taking an item for the food bank into work every day of advent. Naturally we have a foodbank at work (all liberal lefties here) and have checked that those that run it can cope so hopefully our goodies should get to people who need them just ahead of Christmas. Its obviously not brilliant to live in a time when a foodbank is necessary but we can do what we can do.

Counting down to Christmas without a chocolate advent calendar is probably betetr for me anyway :)


  1. This time of year I get donor-fatigue. It started with the collection for the food bank, then, take a paper off the tree with suggested donations for Thanksgiving, then, donations for the homeless teens. November isn't even over yet. Plus the clamoring for our tax credit donations, bring food for youth group, and next is Christmas. Next year I'm going to hide. I know, that's very Scroogy of me and probably won't really happen.

  2. Thats absolutely true. I think its better (easier?) for us as we dont have Thanksgiving to worry about. We have Halloween a bit, then Guy Fawkes night but they aren't all about giving. I cant hack when people start Christmas before December. Its just endless and overwhelming! I am going to try and keep up beat though!


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