Friday, 4 November 2016

Woohoo Friday

My favourite day of the week. I love my job and today was a good day, shortlisting, team re-organising and all my favourite things but nonetheless the weekend still wins! I especially like Friday as the weekend hasn't yet started so it feels so full of possibilities.

So, in a break with tradition, minimal 'housework' tomorrow. Last load of laundry is already in, a quick sweep around will be all of the cleaning. Instead I have plans. & to me they are exciting!

Saturday -
Take 5 things (or ten if it goes well) form the attic to sort and dispose. Ebay, charity or bin as appropriate.
Jamal is going to show me some exercises for my tummy
Go for a bike ride also with Jamal
Make a cottage pie for Sunday supper (Sunday is expected to be a busier day)
Sew a bunch of my clothes which are too big to wear but too nice to ditch. Loads of other stuff is being ditched but these bits are too nice, for now.
Evening at my parents house with my sister and brother in law, always a great giggle

Sunday -
All about preparing both gardens for winter. Cutting, pruning, binning and tidying. I am expecting it to take all day. Fahed is out in the evening as he has won a ticket to a big poker game (he only plays when he wins a free ticket as he is just a tight as me!) eldest son and girlfriend will be round int he evening for supper and for me to do their tax returns. lol. The joys of being an accountant!


  1. Did you do all the things? That sounds busy enough for a whole month of weekends

  2. I need to get back to work on Monday for a rest!


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