Learning to let go

My house should be empty, but it’s very much not! I give a box of unwanted items to the Salvation Army every few weeks and a bag of clothing even more often.  These things are unwanted so easy to get rid of. This week though I took the plunge in getting rid of thing I like but don’t need or aren’t suitable. Beautiful running shoes which are too narrow to my best mate, a brand new, posh (and rather itchy) blanket complete with posh tags to my sons girlfriend, will make a good Christmas gift for someone I think. Some ‘monster feet’ slippers also to sons GF for her eldest son. A massive bag of light bulbs to my dad! We are going onto LED, which some far is lovely as the light is so pure but hopefully massive cost saving in electricity. My dad prefers to stick with the old style bulbs so I think I just gave him enough to last until he is about 150 years old J
Next it’s the attic. Fahed thinks I hoard and I think he hoards so we agreed that everything which hasn’t been used in two years can go! The suitcases and bags, the Christmas decorations, which I overhauled and pruned last year, the camping and picnic equipment.  That can all stay. Any bags of cloths or bedding can go. Also anything electronic.  Will be interesting to see what else is up there.
Then we are going to floor the place out, get a new fancy ladder and a new door.
Surely after that we are super organised??


  1. The second phase: Getting rid of stuff you like. Ugh, I don't want to but must. I tried playing a cd in a pretty cd player last week. Would not play right at all. Next stop, the trash bin. Ive only kept that cd player for 10 years and used it maybe twice. If I had an attic, I am sure it would be packed with treasures!

  2. I know its so hard but there so much of it!


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