2017 target and uber frugal update

I have made my plans. They are similar to2016 but just slightly 'more' of it.

Pay more off mortgage.
Sort out all the legal and tax for the other house
Lose more weight ( I did okay last year - go me!)
Do more fitnessy things.
Do a few things i wouldn't normally do. I had five things in that category so that is quite exciting and have already set the ball in motion for a couple..

My uber frugal month has remained frugal (so far) as far as personal spending goes. Groceries etc have also been good. I did have 3 major purchases though. This Tuesday we are having delivered a new dishwasher and new washing machine. And i went for new and a lot further up market than i would have once. I am in a constant battle with our ancient machine with the dishwasher that doesn't get hot and therefore doesn't really wash, and the washing machine that does 3/4 of a wash and then errors, the un-un-lockable door and the sopping wet and soapy washing. No more!

Last thing was to have the hippo bag removed and have visions of my lovely garden so much closer. However its a hipposkip and i mis read how much it could contain so consequently i have paid my £200 and i still have an overloaded skip in my garden. I have to half empty and call again. Happy days! How fortunate that extra exercise was on my list, as Fahed is awaiting a serious knee operation and Jamal has a sprained ankle. Doh!


  1. That last paragraph was like reading a foreign language. What is a hipposkip? I am picturing a skipping hippo but that probably is incorrect.

  2. He he. Its like a massive bag where you can dispose of building materials etc though I like your picture far more


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