Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Uber frugal month challenge

I am doing the Uber Frugal Months Challenge (to capitalise or not to capitalise that is the question)

So far not so bad actually.

1st January was my dads birthday but I used a voucher I had been given to buy his gift and the card came from home bargains.

That;s evening we had dinner at home with the kids visiting and used up some meatballs from the freezer, They were one of our many attempts at the Greek dish Souzoukakia and were fantastic. We had them with potato wedges.

And actually I have just remembered we were even more frugal by having a 1am New Year snack of baked brie with crispy pitta bread strips. All already in stock.

Yesterday was also a bank holiday and I yet again resisted the shops. Not much resistance required to be honest as home was warm and lovely and the shops were not.

Fahed made an amazing Thai Green Curry in the style that his mate Yotika showed us back before Christmas. He used up about half of the left over veg we had in the fridge. Thai Green Curry is very forgiven and you seem to be able to put just about anything in it.

Today I was back at work (boooo!). I spent some money packaging parcels for stuff sold on ebay - net gain there though. Also I bought some lemsip as I feel awful. Looking on the bright side it stops me wanting to spend or indeed eat.

Tomorrow I predict a no spend day and more creative use of leftovers. I need lentils in my life!


  1. Nothing like bad weather to make one stay in. I need more no-spend days.

  2. Walking to work also helps i think. I dont want to go to the shops and I definitely dont want to carry anything home with me. The walk is ab hour each week even without carrying stuff!


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