Syria Help

I am doing this thing at the moment, which I suspect might take over our lives for a while.

We are trying to raise some money for a project in Aleppo. We are going to be doing all kinds of things to help raise funds and I'll be updating the page with things. Please help if you can. Literally every penny helps. If you can think of things we can do then that's also good (Sponsored slim? Shave my head for the right price too!).
I want to collect enough money to help kick start a local business in Aleppo.
My brother in law used to run a recycling business in Aleppo before the Syrian conflict and up until the last couple of years. He employed local people and provided a useful service.
Now, in the war, everything is gone. But if he had enough money to buy an old truck and some start up capital to trade again then he could re-start his little business, start employing other people in the neighbourhood again, provide some jobs and money to others, provide a useful service as the country is rebuilt and, most importantly of all, help kick start the local economy.
If you can spare even £1 it would all help to make so much difference.
Ideas we have so far as a Cosplay event, a fete, a curry lunch, charity poker tournament, cake sale. I am also happy for anyone to use my house in Crete for a week and donate to the fund.
Thank you for reading


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