Saturday, 11 March 2017

Reflecting on reflections

I am very much enjoying Moyra's daily reflections to the extent that I am thinking about doing the same myself.

In other news 'Gofundme' pulled the plug on my Syria collection which I found not especially surprising but which hit me a little hard. I spent some time looking at other funding type organisations and ran my project plan past the people at Chuffed. Seems to be okay as long as people pay by paypal as otherwise US sanctions, which are probably being wrongly interpreted, raise a warning flag. I cant believe they are designed to stop us helping people in need so am guessing its just mis-communicated.

Anyway we have some lovely ideas coming form people who care to help raise money, as well as some lovely individuals helping.

We have:
Superheroes for Syria cosplay event in April
Curry lunch at my work
Sponsored 100 mile bike ride by my boss
Sponsored 'anything you fancy' offer from another coworker
Feed the poker players at the next few monthly Friday poker games
Garden party ukulele jam when the weather improves
Possible cake sale also on the horizon

Everyone has been so lovely and so helpful. My faith in mankind very much restored. I very much know i hang around (sometimes virtually) with lovely lovely people

Back to later to reflect more on life, the universe and everything xx


  1. how lovely that so many folk have thought of more fundraising ideas. its such a great idea - can't believe that US sanctions are stopping grass roots causes for people helping people help themselves. perhaps its some sort of fear of funding ISIS. anyway. will put thinking cap on as am sure I can think of something else. bestest! xxx and looking forward to seeing you!!

  2. I have been thinking about this and really it is for the best i guess. We relaly dont want anything good going to isis and if it means a few more hoops to jump through then i can happily jump! xx Thanks for your help xx


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