Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sorry, where was I again

I have been so grumpy lately

Having had good blood pressure my whole life I now find that in six months it is gone bonkers, literally off the charts. I dont feel stressed as such but I am waiting for my husbands operations, my mums operation, Jamal's exam (please pass), Jaml getting a job, all the thing with our pensions and T&Cs changing at work. Its all adding up to 203/91. From last summer 114/62. Damn!!
So have given up salt, caffeine, ibuprofen (for my back and neck). This week I am down to 172/76, which is a start but still horrendous.

Bored in my job since our old director left. He used to give me all sorts of interesting stuff to do. I do still manage a team of 30 but they are so amazing that they hardly need me.

Anyway today I cheered up a bit. A tony little pay rise of 2% but also two big new areas coming into my team because they aren't being done well elsewhere. More importantly i got permission for any of my staff to do their accountancy training if they want to. No longer tied to their job descriptions.  Hopefully that will be a wonderful opportunity for a few of my people. I am hoping to go on some training myself, coaching and leading. I haven't broached the subject yet but these things can be all about timing

So I am less grumpy. Let hope it reflects in my blood pressure.


  1. You have so much going on that is out of your control. No wonder your blood pressure is crazy.

  2. Sometimes blood pressure is just a heredity thing like high cholesterol just treat it and strike it up to old age. That made you feel better right? Okay feel free to erase this post:)


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