Ultra frugal days ahead

Today Fahed came home from work unable to walk in from the car. Sadly its time to stop working until after the operation. He just cant move anymore.Sadly he doesn't get any sick pay but looking on the bright side at least I will come home to dinner cooked for me each day.

We are planning a BBQ this Sunday in an attempt to get the hard landscaping finished before Fahed goes in for his operation but I dont think he can do anything much to help/ Bricklaying, how hard can it be ?? This is the family last weekend working on it

And this is my sneaky little cat Merlin, who sneaks into bed when no-one is looking. Here he is trying to snuggle in behinds Fahed sleeping knee, without waking him


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Haven't visited for a while and I really love the new look to your blog.
    Sorry to hear about your husbands back problems. Bummer about being self employed and no sick pay but How lucky are you to have one who enjoys cooking.

    1. Hi Cathy. Nice to see you. Oh yes, cooking is always lovely :)

  2. Best wishes on Fahed's upcoming surgery. Sorry to hear he is in such discomfort. Relief cannot come quickly enough.

    Amazing job with the purchase of the truck! That will change lives.

  3. May the surgery go well and his recovery be swift. Sneaky little kitty.

  4. Hope all goes well, I feel so bad for his pain. Prayers for a fast recovery.


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