What I did on my holidays

I swear my life is not entirely composed of drama. No, really!

So my poor hunny bunny had been off work with his back problems (awaiting surgery on three vertebra to release nerve in his back. Possible vertebra fusing...) and he tripped in the garden. He never falls over. He just  never falls over. He was a fisherman for years and his balance is amazing. So I am blaming the morphine.

Out of the shed door, twisted ankle/leg and tried to save himself with his right arm. Apparently his collar bone should have broken but he is pretty strong boned so it didnt. Instead the humeral ball separated from the arm. It look horrendous. And apparently its now in three pieces. Did I mention he also broke a bone in the foot on the other side. So here we are with a broken shoulder and broken foot. Awaiting CT scan before the next visit to fracture clinic on Wednesday. Oh and of course the shoulder also needs an operation.

So I thought I should have a week or so off work to be nursey. And form this we know that I am not nurse material! Those people are saints!

Want to see some bruising??

The elbow from behind.

And from the front


  1. Ouch!!! He doesn't need any more pain... And I'm with you, on not being cut out for the nursing part...

  2. Oh my looks like my mother when she falls. Poor darling.

    1. My mum and dad, who are 88 and 89, seem to be always falling down. My dad teased Fahed this week that he will show him how to fall properly!

  3. My mother would mention 'there's gotta be an easier way to die - they shoot horses don't they!'
    Seriously here's hoping the patient gets well soon- with or without your tending 😊

    1. My sister told him he was lucky not to be a horse. We obviously think in the same way!


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