Saturday, 15 July 2017

What I did on my holidays/Part 2

I obviously spent quite a lot of time at the hospital but in between I did nursey type things (its been a few years since I had to bath anyone!) and cook meals. Fahed is on a ton of morphine which inhibits appetite but once a day we have a good healthy meal to keep him nourished. Also plenty of fruit. i don't make him eat other than that as I figure that being a bit lighter will help with this and the back op in the longer run.

In between times I have been running through a bit of Kon Marieing (ditching possessions!)

  • Been through my clothes and found another bin-bag full to go.
  • Upstairs bathroom is done - looks nice and empty (until Fahed and Jamal fill it up with clutter)
  • Downstairs bathroom was empty but is now full of stuff being stored whilst Fahed is out of action - so i wont dwell on that!
  • Our bedroom is fine. Untouched but was basically clear anyway
  • Larder and kitchen have been re-done - 2 boxes of pointless clutter on their way to the charity shop
  • Kitchen also has all the counters etc cleared. I really like it. And also really wonder how long they stay clear once I have gone back to work.
So its all lovely and empty but I know my family and i feel it wont be for long. I wish you could teach old dogs some new tricks but never mind.

Oh yes, and set up the wiifit. Jamal and I spent a couple of hours this morning ski jumping!


  1. I hope you hubby gets better soon Nothing is better than getting rid of clutter. So freeing, until it sneaks back in that is.....:)

    1. Yes, clutter really loves me. Its always sneaking back :)


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