Yes, there is some.

Fahed falling to bits......

First we went downhill a bit. At fracture clinic on Wednesday the doctor told us that the injury is devastating and recovery will always be limited. Whatever happens we are not going back to normal. Fahed went into a bit of a decline. I dont think he is helped by all his sisters ringing every day and cooing over him as it indulges his self pity. I went as far as to say i was confiscating his phone at one point :) Yes, I am a mummy to be core apparently.

However yesterday the doctor phoned as told us the repair operation in Monday morning. That, coupled with me playing the part of his mummy in lectures, seems to have made a change. He is quite positive and perky again. And that a frame of mind I think is essential in any recovery. So Monday am is surgery time. There is a 40% chance they can pin the humeral ball back together but otherwise we are talking replacement shoulder joint.

Kon Marieing/Decluttering everywhere

A nice man who has a new flat came and collected a ton of kitchen stuff from me. He seemed delighted. The bread-maker went to a nice young girl at work. A bag of clothes to Salvation Army , and another bag ready to go. In the KonMarie book it says just crack on with your own stuff and everyone will start doing it but pah!, surely it cant be true. Well hoarder Fahed has been turning out drawers and cupboard, sorting and binning. Last night we emptied all his work clothes, toys etc out in the back room. It took a couple of hours but we sorted, binned and recycled. Now he has about half to repack in his car and it made his very happy! Woohoo. Today we plan to the last remaining cupboard in the front room and his clothes.


I am very much looking for a new career path in the medium term. Lovely Moyra found me a brilliant course but so far my boss is not overly enthused with parting with £4k for my personal development. Cant think why. I havent given up yet though. However I found a few more low level interesting things to do. A short life coaching course at the local college, a year long online course and maybe another 'make your dreams reality' type course which i have read about previously. Its a dofter path than I would have wanted but its a start, and as I am currently the only breadwinner around here then it makes sense. Mortgage comes first!


  1. I spent many years as the only bread winner and it was so hard. I still have emotional scars from it. Bless you darling. Is there anything I can do to help you?

    1. You are so kind, thank you xx We are doing okay. I a, normally the main breadwinner but until Fahed can get back to work I am on my own. Will be fine. I can do super frigal! :)

  2. So glad to hear more optimistic news about Fahed. I hope the surgery and recovery goes well. I'm still sorting out my house. This is going to take a while but I definitely don't want to move junk to the new house.

  3. goodness - I must have missed a bit. what happened to Fahed's shoulder? thinking of you! Good work on the decluttering. amazing how much stuff there is still to get rid of considering how long we have been decluttering for! ha ha! don't worry about the course you dont *need* a professional qualification, and the fundamentals are the same whereever you go. The practice is what is important. so just get some practice clients and start practicing. happy to support you!


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