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Well I need some accountability!

So I'm going back to the 'to do' list post which previously worked so well for me.  I also really like the 'what frugal things I have done this week' thing which crops up in various formats across various blogs.  Good for focus!  This month Faheds company neglected to even pay him his sick pay. They never get organised enough to sort out their mistakes, despite being a pretty big and supposedly social aware, organisation. So this month will be a bit of a mission. I have savings but i don't really want to dip into them. I also have a few plans. And November pay day should be double bubble ( which is still down by 1/3 from his normal earnings). Never mind. We are getting there!

Frugal Doings!

  1. Jamal finally passed his driving test. He was never interested but suddenly he is and now its done. Not frugal in and of itself but the increase in my car insurance was enough to make me review all of the car insurances and overall there are some savings coming our way. I shall report back next week on total annual savings.
  2. Jamal also decided he isn't going back to sea, for now, so he applied for a local bar job and is applying to local unis to do a Masters degree in Physics. The bar job works in my immediate favour though as he can pay his own Jujitsu membership etc. I have to say he is pretty cheap to run anyway but this is good timing.
  3. More on the subject of Jamal. He wont get a lot of money at the pub but has already decided 20% is for him and 80% to me to save, so that he can cover most of his own tuition fees assuming he gets into uni ok.
  4. Ordered meat from the farm. We picked up the order yesterday. The meat is so much better and we saved 30% against the cheapest super market prices. We tried a couple of small samples yesterday and the quality is fantastic. Now its all portioned, back and in the freezer. 
  5. On the subject of shopping we just need to pick up veg on a weekly basis. We had a look in Lidl yesterday and they had everything we need, which wasnt the case previously, so we shall give them a whirl. The veg in there is better quality and less packaged than in our normal supermarket. I would guess it lasts less time though, because of the packing, so it will have to be picked up more often. Somehow we are still eating home grown tomatoes from my dads supercrop but the only thing we are still growing is chillies.
  6. I have made a place in the conservatory to over winter the chilli plants and see if I can get more from them next year. 
  7. Ah, another good thing to Jamal working is he eats less! He he


  1. Big plans for Jamal. What does he hope to do with a master's in physics? I can't believe they didn't pay Fahed. Good thing you are skilled at making money stretch.

  2. Hr thinks teaching but I have suggested doing some volunteer teaching overseas to see if thats really what he wants. Oh yes, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y money needed around here lately!


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