Saturday, 28 October 2017

Saturday, lets get cracking

I have things on my list.

  1. A trip to the dump (recycling centre) to get rid of some old broken cupboards form the garden.
  2. Take the charity boxes to my car to drop at the Salvation Army when I am passing - all good stuff and not to get mixed up with the stuff for the dump
  3. Sort my little office out and getting very messy
  4. Laundry - at least two loads to be washed, dried, sorted and put away. Jamal normally does the washing and drying but he hasn't adapted to working completely yet so I will catch it up today.
  5. Vacuum right through. Actually downstairs is fine with a quick sweep but the bedrooms and landing are calling out for the vacuum cleaner.
  6. Course - Bestie and I have been talking about what we fancy doing when we retire. That's likely to be less than  five years away. Eek! I quite fancy a sort of pop up coffee shop with yummy cakes. So we can work hard but not too often. Also it doesn't need to be hugely profitable, as I am sure that wouldn't be, but interesting and fun. So step one is a food hygiene certification and then step 2 is to brush up on the cake making. I am browsing local colleges and other learning venues for some fun short courses.
  7. Ahdels tax - He has two jobs and the tax allowance is wrongly split so i think he is owed money for last year and is paying too much tax this year. I have gathered all the paperwork and analysed it over my morning coffee. I will write to HMRC later today and hopefully he gets his refund quite promptly. They are normally pretty good.
  8. Hospital letters. We have so much going on with Faheds dexa scan, blood tests, check up for the many breakages and for the back surgery, pre-assessment for the next surgery. And now I also have something. I have to go on Monday to have a lump on my rib cage looked at.  Anyway i need to sort out all of the letters and ensure everything is in the diary. I cant afford to miss and appointment and get them out of order!
I am feeling very virtuous as have already wiped down the kitchen and the cooker, stacked the dishwasher, set the laundry going, almost sorted the tax. Go me!


  1. Okay so now I feel lazy. You go girl!

  2. Ooo, cake making sounds yummy. I did cake decorating long ago. The cakes tasted better than the frosting.


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