Sunday, 26 November 2017

Five(ish) frugal things

I am glad I copied this idea from so many bloggers. It really does help with a bit of focus.

  1. 'Big shopping' was due on Friday. We didn't go. We have a fridge full of veggies, freezer full of meat and fish, the larder is pretty full too. 
  2. The meat order from the farm worked really well for us. The freezer is still very full (see above) except for chicken. I have worked out this months order which is basically just chicken and then some big joints of meat for Christmas when we have visitors. We wont eat more than usual but its looks and tastes good for the visitors and we get days of leftovers and no cooking :)
  3. Jamal, my youngest son, and I are looking at whether to apply for an allotment. The ones right by our house are full but there are others a little further away which could work for us. We are planning to visit this week. Its a bit tricky where its dark before I get home from work but we will sort something out.
  4. Fahed is in hospital having had his knee operation. He had an Osteotomy. Which is basically the bone below the knee cut 3/4 across and then wedge open to almost 1 cm, then a bone graph put in place. He is still in hospital at the moment as its too painful to put any weight on. Apparently if we had to pay for this is would be £8000. Surgeon is very happy with the work and with him and if all goes well they will talk about doing the second knee in the middle of next year.
  5. This is more money saving for someone else than me. I have sorted out my cook books and five bags of them are today being picked up by some young friends, who I am sure will make good use of them.
  6. I remembered that we need to plant garlic in December. Last year we did it in about April so its wasn't brilliant but this year I am on it!
  7. Milk in my coffee this morning went out of date on 21st November but its still fine. At the very least this must indicate that people have been opening the fridge door less. This is because Jamal has a job and isn't here to eat us out of house and home all day long! Actually I guess this is why we still have so much food in the house!
  8. I have completed almost all of my Christmas gift shopping. Woohoo. I created a wish list on Amazon. Decided on a theme for this years gifts and I was off. We have a £10 limit so i had to be creative....but I was! I need a couple more things for my kids, as i do like to spoil them a bit, but overall I am about there.
  9. Last month Fahed didn't receive any sick pay. I cant even tell you how hopeless his company is at admin, they are a nightmare. However we sucked it up and managed without. This month we seem to have 2.5 months worth of sick pay coming our way. Which is great. Why? I dont know but hey, why not. I still cant wait for him to be back at work. The rhythm of life is all weird at the moment. He misses his work, the students and his work mates. I miss tucking lots of his money into our renovation savings account!

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