Yes, me again.

I like rabbiting away so here I am again :)

I have been looking at my 2017 goals. Oh dear! I am not full of excuses (except maybe distracted by Fahed's numerous operations etc, can i use that one??).

I did a couple of good things.

Got my Greek house legalised and paid up the bulk of my Greek tax (from the year when we had to pay two years as we no longer pay in arrears....and my professional services person failed to mention it until after I was fined).

Just missed my mortgage target by less than £1000. I have now included a sizeable monthly overpayment in next years budget.

I had my hair spectacularly cut short (the offcuts looks like a sleeping dog in the hairdressers floor) but found I still don't like wearing more than basic eyeliner and my makeup, most of the time. I also like my uniform of straight back jeans, back boots and a long top and wont be changing it anytime soon

On the flipside, fFirst year in my life when I didnt travel anywhere, deary me.

So now I am taking a lot more time to pull my 2018 goals togther


  1. Congrats on the progress! I want a new hairstyle too I'm just too scared that I won't like it.

    1. Go on, it does at least grow back (not like cutting off other body parts!)


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