Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Channelling some positive rays

I think that a line from an old movie with Keifer Sutherlands dad as a zoned out hippy soldier but I could be wrong, anyway its all about the positive today!

Fahed knee much improved over the last few days. Actually its huge and swollen today but only because it felt so good yesterday that he did too much but we have turned a corner, I am sure. We see the consultant on Thursday so hopefully we find then if he is happy. But woohoo, the light at the end of the tunnel comes closer!

We have Storm Eleanor going on here at the moment which might be pretty insignificant by international standards but we don't get a lot of exciting weather here so its enough to keep us awake at night. Pleased to say the house seems to still be in one piece. Ill check the garden shortly.

I am trying to get back in the habit of 10000 steps a day, as recommended by the NHS. Yesterday I managed to almost get to 8000, which is pretty good since the awful weather stopped me going for a walk. Thats pretty much stay off your ass all day steps right there, not actual walking ones.

On top of that I haven't had a holiday at all this year because of Fahed's various problems, which means I have enough annual leave days left to not go back to work until 8th January. My house is getting daily 'sort outs; instead. Its lovely.


  1. Don't let him over do although I am sure you are ready to drop kick him out the door. I am getting a visual here and I like it:)

  2. Extra days off are nice, not as nice as extra days in Crete though. Glad he is on the mend.


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