Monday, 1 January 2018

Five(ish) Frugal Things

Well with Faheds recovery being a bit slower then anticipated I am very much appreciating all the frugal habits I have picked up from mixing with other frugal bloggers. You lot are the best.

Over the Christmas break we kept to our usual way of living:

  • We dont do Christmas cards. Facebook, email or phone calls and facetime. (Like birthdays when we prefer a joke to a card)
  • No new decorations and our ancient tree is still looking pretty good.
  • I may buy some more wrapping paper in the sales if it gets any cheaper but i have enough for another year anyway.
  • We did have some food waste due to not eating as much as we used to and also not wearing glasses whilst shopping! Sell by dates were tight for a bought cake (back to home made as it was horrid and squidgy yuck anyway) and smoked salmon and I missed them. Also 3 courgettes and a half a cucumber. Very bad form!
  • We made a plan for next year, when everyone is working different hours and shift patterns, which will ensure variety, avoids waste and should be yum and very healthy. It was all Jamals idea so hopefully the men will stick with it and not just go 'chips again' at the drop of a hat.
  • Stuck to budget on food and presents.
  • I actually gave Fahed cash. Its what he wanted as he wants to visit his sister in Amman in spring. A bit boring but he was happy.
2018 will be more of the same, and then some!


  1. I pray he gets better, sometimes you don't. I love your upbeat attitude. Happy New Year!


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