Friday, 27 July 2018

Five (or hopefully more) frugal things

Friday again. How did that happen.

Busy week at work, except for Wednesday when I had the day off so went window shopping in Ikea, ready for Greek shopping in September. I literally spent nothing, Although i did join the Ikea family which was free but apparently will save me vast amounts of money in some unspecified way. Also popped to the Asian supermarket to stock up on chillies, tahina and tinned chickpeas. So much cheaper than the normal supermarket. I did pick up my shopping from there too though but I ordered ahead and had it picked for me, free of course, so I didn't get led astray.

I noticed that where the weather has been so hot, for us, that filling bottles of water and keeping them in the drinks fridge has got everyone on board. I don't think I have seen a fizzy drink in the house for over a month. Health win and finance win. We do have a fridge that dispenses water but the bottles refilled in the fridge that we keep at a lower temperature are irresistible. And i like that we aren't wasting a ton of bottles either, just washing them and refilling.

I went for a swim with my 90 year old dad and my sister on Tuesday. The swim is free because Fahed works at the leisure centre. I lost my card, nearly had to pay! EEK. All ended well though and they printed me a new one. I asked when i can use the gym as its all free for us but has to be off peak, but the girl said you can use it any time you like. Doesn't seem to need to be off peak anymore. Big win for me

I advertised 2 expensive items on ebay, which i should have done ages ago. The air fryer (known as the hair dryer) and a Saris Bones Bike Rack. I have some watchers and some questions but so far no actual bids. Wish me well.

Tomorrow I am popping to visit my friend Margret. I am hoping to also borrow her 'body;. Its a sort of plastic headless body for posing clothes for enhanced ebay sales. Might work, i will try. I have a bag of things to sell.

Morer than five really aren't I a good girl!

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