Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Mid week post!

Go me!

I still don't know why I don't get notified of comments but I have worked out how to comment on the posts of others again. Or I haven't exactly but if I read blogs on my laptop then I can, even though the ipad and phone version still evades me. Nonetheless it progress!

This week I have to order 5 fence panels and 7 concrete gravel boards for one side of the garden. Fahed is ordering sand, cement and something else i have forgotten. A lady is coming to fit my new sofa covers. Its all go here.

The shed looks great. We were merciless in our de-cluttering. At least I was. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Fahed was sneaking things back in. He is such a squirrel. We enjoyed him being off from Saturday lunchtime during the 'toe injury period' that we are going to try to move his students from Saturday pm to Tuesday evening, Fingers crossed. If it works it will be great. I am used to spending Saturday on my own, and with my dad of course, but it feels like every week is a holiday when we are both home.

And today we went over to the allotment at about7.30am and picked loads of beans, dig potatoes, pulled our shallots and garlic (which were rubbish!) so feeling very pleased with ourselves. We have fruit to pick as well but not when its raining.

Now for some blog reading, since I have worked out how to do it properly again!

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