Tuesday, 3 September 2019

More, just more of the same

I am sure anyone who reads will be sick and tired of my bad news stories but this week, or actually last week, is the worst.

I saw an email from work on Tuesday morning after bank holiday that said 'someone in finance has died over the weekend and we are making the announcement at ten,can we please ask you to keep the other teams away from us at ten and afterwards'. Apparently the email shouldn't have come to me. So y boss phones and before he can speak I say ' I saw the email, on my way to the office'. He was waiting for me and ushered me into a side room where I was told the bad news. One of our younger team members was killed the previous day. Such a lovely girl, just an absolute ray of sunshine. Only 27. She worked for me for many years before getting her current position in another part of the finance team. None of us could believe it, and I think perhaps we still cant. Although there is today a newspaper article naming her as the girl hit by an express train and killed outright on the bank holiday Monday..

We had a few people in missing from the office so me and the other managers had to phone them as we were afraid they would see it on social media first and that's no way to hear about a friend. Then we realised we have someone missing and she then rings in the say husband has suffered a small stroke but is fine, having to get him comfortable and should be in later. We all spent the day at work together, no one wanted to go home and be alone and later got another call. Husband had deteriorated and life support would be switched off as soon as the transplant surgeons are ready. So by Wednesday morning at 6.30am its all over.

We are being offered grief counselling but I dont know if thats a help. At elast we all ahve each other to talk to. I think those who were away had it worst. Those poor families too. Just so awful.

I was so determined to post about good things but life is very much getting in the way.


  1. Oh my poor dear. This is such a double whammy. No amount of counseling will take this away. I am sorry for you and for the families of the deceased. Death is so final and hard to deal with. Hugs to you my friend.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this. So sad for those who knew them. That is too much tragic news in such a short time.


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