Monday, 15 June 2020

Blogger problems

So now it would appear I cant comment on my own blog. Sigh. 
Normally i would uninstall and re-install everything but this is just live in the browser :(.
So I do feel a moan coming on but I have to remember that if this is all that i have to moan about then I am doing okay really.

Although I do have another moan. I thought I had hay fever but its been going on so long now that I am no longer sure. A week before lock down I started coughing and it still going on. Just a dry tickly cough. But over the weekend a few times I coughed until I was sick. Its very unsettling and so tiring as no chance of much sleep. I am going to call the doctor for an appointment although I have no idea how that works at the moment as I think they are also working form home.

Three weeks later!

Still cant work out how to comment on my own blog but can comment on other people blogs but only if I read on my laptop. So the phone and ipad, which i normally use when not working, don't let me comment. But I can at least join in at some level which is very pleasing.

Well I did ring the doctor and this time she did phone for my appointment instead of ticking me off the list and saying I hadn't answered (we don't have a landline and the receptionist is a bit of a know-it-all and wont listen as i try to explain). The doctor agreed that its probably gastroesophagal reflux. In normal times this would mean an endoscopy and then treatment but endoscopies are not happening at the hospital at the moment (too much mucous, she said, yuk). Instead it is straight in with treatment. Oh my goodness I do feel better. Apparently the naproxen I take for my should impingement has made it worse. So i had to stop that but the pain in my shoulders is so bad that after a week I went back to it.  SO now I do feel 100% better. I have had an xray of my chest every winter for last 3 or 4 years because of my endless cough. As that seem to imply a weakness in my chest I found that quite nerve wracking  during the coronavirus outbreak. Coupled with my diabetes I could see that finishing me off! Anyway I am still staying in doors on the whole but more now because I don't want to pass it on to Fahed, with his heart problems or my dad. Dad is 92 and my sister and I are caring for him. He is strong and stubborn enough to beat the virus, maybe, but i would prefer not to put him in that position so we are all still on lock-down here. Thank goodness for Amazon. They might not pay their taxes but damn, they are fast at delivering all my various 'wants'. 

And so, life goes on, but I do feel a lot better. I had a lockdown birthday last weekend (very weird as no visitors and no going out but the food was great) and turned 58 (since you asked). However due to improving health and health management I think I feel better than I did a decade ago. I wish I had tried harder to find why I felt so awful but I just assumed it was age. 

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  1. Happy belated birthday (and I hope you're able to get the blog posting fully sorted out now that you're feeling better)!


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