Thursday, 14 May 2020

Whats going on????

As we have discussed I can still read other peoples blog, and I do, every day, they're great. But when i try to comment I can type my message but it doesn't seem to 'go though'.  So today when I logged into blogger to waffle on a bit I couldn't even type in there! I can see the older posts in the edit format but no way of commencing a new post. I am now wondering if i have some ancient old version of blogger that is quietly falling apart so I might see if I can update things and start joining in with everyone properly again.

In the meantime, whats going on around here!

Well Jamal was due an operation on his foot, which was cancelled 2 hours before we had to be at hospital, two days before the lock-down came in. He was fine and no problem with the cancellation but he has subsequently clipped it as he was walking and now its twisted and swollen. So he cant really walk. I think it could be some months before he gets his op. Hospitals being a bit busy right now, and all that. Also not a great time to be in a big building with lots of poorly people.

Fahed put his back out removing some ivy from the back garden. He is wearing his surgical corset from when he has his spine operation a couple of years back and pretty sure its the only thing keeping him upright but he has managed to clear the garden of all that horrid ivy and has built me a shed! He is felting the roof today and then it can go in position. Yay! Have to say though he is so grumpy, from the pain (giving him the benefit of the doubt) that I might just shut him in the shed once its safely in position.

Recycling centre have opened this week in Hampshire so I am fairly hopefully we can clear the garden of all the old wood and lump of tree/ivy at some point. Although I don't want to make his back worse so maybe we should give it a few more days.

We have been having lovely meals since lock-down. Time to plan and cook and everyone here at once to eat together. I haven't actually gained anything but we haven't been being as healthy as usual (home made flapjacks anyone???). So next week we are all trying to be more sensible.

And lastly. I am thinking of buying a new bike. I have the chance to buy one through work which deducts the cost from salary pre tax, so i only pay 60% of bike cost.

Now that I don't really have debts to worry about, except the mortgage and that's going away fairly well, then I have been concentrating on saving money to finish the old house in Crete. Its not hugely easy as Fahed is furloughed, which is 80% of basic but also misses out on all his 1 to 1 tuition payments, but as we cant go anywhere then we are definitely spending less. So maybe we progress!

We are very lucky here. I wouldn't have wanted 8 weeks in doors in some of the places we have lived over the years. This house is not big but there is a garden and its close by the allotment. And we all get on (mostly, when no-one in pain!) so could be a lot worse.

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  1. I am sorry about the back problems and foot problems. Hubs finally had his eye surgery.


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