St Valentines Day

So how did we celebrate St Valentines day in our house? Well ofocurse we didn't but I did get a little kiss and a Happy Valentines day in between work and the cookery class.

Tonight was the last lesson. The weeks have gone really quickly and I have enjoyed trying new ideas and new dishes. I havn't learnt anything new about cooking but I have been inspired to try a few differnt things. The chicken with basil was popular with everyone as we all the various Thai curries. I really like the style of cooking because it is tasty but also healthy and full of vegetables (which are cooked in the pan so keep their vitamins)and really speedy. I may go to the Chinese supermarkets in Southampton at the weekend to stock up with a few specialist ingredients and a few which are just a good bargain.

Something else new to try. It is nearly light enough to go to the allotment in the evnings so we will soon start our summer job down on our 'farm'. I have bought 4 little seeds to grow some luffas. Everyone I tell seems to the I have lost the plot and that Luffas actually come from the sea but really they are vegetables, or actually fruit, and they grow on a vine. I am hoping for a few days off shortly so perhaps I can get around to making my soap as well.

Work at the house is still progressing but the sunnier days make me want to be out in the garden or the allotment. Its all too easy to ignor the house but when the bulk of the work is finished I have to go through the entire attic for another sort out. Ofcourse loads of things will come in useful for the other house but all the same it needs a sorting.

I seem to have been spring cleaning for months but as spring actually gets here I am actually making some progress.