Thursday, 21 February 2008

Looking forward

I am looking forward this evneing but not too far.
Beloved has cancelled all his work at the weekend because it is the last weekend of half term (and since I booked him a three month break with his family next summer he feels he has to be extra nice to me...and quite right too.)

On Saturday we are having a day together in Weymouth. We will have a nice walk around the MArina and the docks and then up along the beach, We can rummage around int he shops. There are some nice little shops there but history would seem to suggest that we wont buy anything apart from maybe a lb of butchers sausages. On the way back we pass a few farm shops and I sometimes buy vegetables or honey at the side of the road. There are lots of signs for free range eggs as well but my neighbour keeps chickens so we don't need.

On Sunday we plan to get up fairly early and take a little trip to our local car boot sale. I might make us a nice cooked breakfast before we go. It will stop us from getting hungry later on but also makes the day feel special. I am looking for baskets because I like them for storage. Also an old electric whisk than I can use for soap making, If we have time later in the day then we might make some labna, assuming I have time tomorrow to make yogurt. It is strained yogurt which is sometimes called Quark. It is nice for a light lunch with some flat bread and a little salad. I hope we also have time to try soap making. We plan to make plan olive oil soap. I do already have around 20 bars of soap in the bathroom becasuse I am a astock piler anyway but I want to try and I dont think it goes off, so we will use it in its time.

But before all that another busy day at work. It is so busy lately that the days pass in a flash.


  1. Hey Lizzie just found your great blog through MSE :)

  2. Hi
    MTP, nice to see you. Thanks for the tips on mortgages last week. I am trying to follow your lead. I foolishly thought that if had to have a variable rate if I wanted to make overpayment (doh!)so half of our current mortgage is fixed and half variable, which obviously hasnt been so good lately.



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