Still learning

After writing some 70 blogs I have just realised that I didn't have the comment facility switched on! doh. From now on anyone can comment, sorry about that to anyone who wanted to comment previously. I love hearing from others and would never knowingly shut anyone out.

I am also, apparently & despite spending 8 hours most days on it, still learning with Excel. I cleaned up the spreadsheet that I use for myself (to make them a little more robust) and corrupted them instead. I am just trying to sort them out and then will make them available on here (with Stephens advice). I am also working on a snowball spreadsheet, to help anyone trying to work out what debts to repay first. There are quite a few online but I find them a little complicated so I thought I would try to make something more simple.

On a different subject, this flower is from my friend Margrets beautiful garden. For her Christmas present this year I made her a calendar featuring 12 pictures of her garden. I think she liked it and it was fun to do. Not expensive in money terms but took quite a long time and a lot of thought. I love receiving such presents and hopefully she did too.

I used to love to knit and embroider but for the last few years I have had problems with the joints in my fingers. Even a good sized row of knitting causes me pain and i must rest between rows. However my lovely friends from Sardinia, the ones who are building their own house....from scratch.....including the bricks, have a new baby daughter. For this event I must knit. I can't buy baby clothes for a family who is this at one with the planet. It just wouldn't be right.

So tomorrow, when hopefully we are at the seaside unless the weather is really awful, I will visit a wool shop for a few little balls of wool in white and a light minty green. Strangely my youngest son suggested that I ask my mum how to knit. I am sure he thinks I am teasing when I explain that I made almost of of his baby clothes just 15 years ago (and less).


  1. Hello Lizzie

    Love your idea of a present for a friend.

    Have you tried using Comfrey Cream on your fingers? Mine sieze up sometimes after doing a lot of craft work and using this at night relieves a lot of the problems.

    Ask about it at your health food shop, natural product made from the herb Comfrey
    Take care

  2. Thanks Cathy
    No, I havn't tried Comfrey Cream. Comfrey is something I associate with nurturing the plants on the allotment. We tried to grow it last year to make a 'comfrey tea' to fertilise the plants. I didn't even realise you could use it for other things. I will certainly be looking out for some now.
    Thanks very much


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