Yay, its Friday

It was a really busy day today (again) at the end of a really busy week, in a really busy month. I am really looking forward to my weekend.
Tomorrow I will sleep in until 8am. That means I can wake up in daylight, which I love and the weather is also supposed to be frosty and sunny, so hopefully it is a lovely bright morning. A bright sunny start to the day gives me so much more energy than a wet or overcast day.

I need to
1)clean the kitchen
2)clean the bathroom
3)finish the last of the clothes washing
4)dry all the washing and then fold and return to its owner or put it away.
5)vacuum right through
6)dust every thing else with a damp microfibre cloth
7)a little bit of shopping
8)Put away the rest of the stuff in my new office (which I might start calling my study as I get it mixed up with my office at work in my head).
9)Hang my accountancy certificates over my desk ( I know it’s a bit silly but they represent a lot of hard work, honest).
10)Chinese and/or Asian supermarket with my sister if I have time.
11) Fix mums printer and show her how to access her phone bill etc online.
12) Set up a direct debit on my Egg account (they have sent me a ratty email)
13) Pay some cheques into the bank.
14) Advertise some of the old computer games on Amazon.
15) Update the registers for next term & sort out any cheques which have arrived this week.
16)Dye my hair ( I look like a badger from the top and as I am only 5'4'' most people look down on my head)

Before I started to sort out the house and get my self organised it took me all weekend, and half the week as well, to do my 'bog standard' housework without even starting on the various sort outs which I now do every weekend.

Back in the bad old days, when chaos reigned, I also never got all the washing finished and everyone ran out of socks on a regular basis. Now most of the essentials are completed on a Saturday and Sunday is my day for my more favourite tasks. I will cook Sunday dinner but also a couple of puddings, such as fruit crumbles, which will last a few days in the fridge for hungry teenagers. I also make something like pasta with tuna salad or coronation chicken for self service lunches during the week. Finally I will make a casserole or something similar which will last us for Monday and Tuesday.

Okay, I am getting ahead of myself, Saturday to do list seems to have turned into Sundays to do list as well and that’s no good. I don’t know what will happen on Sunday until I have made it through Saturday.