Sunday, 30 March 2008

SOS (Super Organised Sunday)

It has to be so today because I have a weekend of work and two visits to the hospital to fit in. Very lucky the hospital is only 1/2 drive away. Not so lucky that British Summer Time begins today so we are already an hour short! (okay, not in reality but inside of my head.)
This morning my shopping is being delivered. I ordered it before beloved was taken into hospital with the intention of really sorting out my cupboard this morning. So the shopping includes stocking up on time tomatoes and other stables which I would not have done had I realised I was short of time. The shopping will arrive between 10am & Midday. Although experience suggests that it could arrive anytime up until 5pm as the guy that delivers it gets lost on a regular basis. Apparently our road does not appear on his Sat Nav but as he almost always makes the delivery I would have thought he learnt where we are by now. Anyway, today we will see.
So, whilst I am awaiting my delivery, I will make our bed and tidy the room. It isn't untidy so that wont take a moment, although there is clean clothes to be put away.
Then clean the bathroom. Just a quick clean of the bath, basin and loo, rather than a scrub of all the tiles. Vacuum right through upstairs and on the stairs. A quick tidy of the downstairs rooms. Again they are not really untidy so this shouldn't take long. Vacuum right through again and then a floor was for the hard floors. If they look okay after vacuuming then this may be put on hold.
Stack the dishwasher with anything which has been collected around the house and anything which is soaking.
Put the last load of washing on and dry the load which is in the washing machine. Dried clothes to be folded and sorted but putting away will have to wait until tomorrow.
Collect baby from my mums house and up to the hospital for a couple of hours.
Late lunch at mums (lovely mummy) and then to the swimming pool to tell the handful of customers that I could not reach by phone that lessons this week are cancelled.
Exchange one child for another and back to the hospital until end of visiting time.
Collapse in a big heap in bed, ready for work tomorrow morning!

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