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My husband is still in hospital. Maybe it is his gall bladder & maybe not. Less is known than I previously thought. He is drugged up on pain killing morphine and unable to sleep properly because when you get to certain age you definitely need to sleep in your own bed at night. So he is grumpy because he is in pain and also because he isn;t sleeping. But all the same I miss him. The bed is way too big, even with both cats in with me (okay, there are some advantages - I am never normally allowed both cats.)and I wake up because it is too quiet.

So there is more to a home than keeping house. The occupants make it a home and when someone is removed from it then the balance is all wrong. I say removed rather than just away because he often goes off for weeks at a time to visit family and I can sleep just fine after our bed time call each evening.

When we have time off together we like to do something mildly creative, over Easter it was a day of making sausages and another day of mending ( I notice his input was mostly supervisory rather than practical)so I thought that I would make little list whilst he is away if things we can make try together, I will also include some investigation into 'the best way' of doing these things. I have a couple of things on my list from excessive blog reading of recent.

1)Making Greek Yogurt - I already do this but I think I could do it better and will be trying to recipe on Beans blog spot.
2)Making sausages - our first go was pretty good but we can experiment more and record the successes and failure.
3)Planting some chili seeds to grow on the windowsill ( I usually grown them on the allotment but they don't get hot enough, this time i will try them through glass)
4)Sprouting beans, chick peas etc for our amazing stir fries.
5)Reading up on cheese making. I am sure I can manage a nice 'brie'.
6) Any ideas from anyone??

I also need to dig about in the shed to find his marquetry work box. When he is home he will get bored and I need something very non physical to keep him occupied initially.


  1. I hope he's ok lizzie :)

    I know what you mean about the house being quiet. When all my kids are at home the noise could send me over the edge and i crave for quiet. When they're not here its too quiet! I wish for a happy medium :)

  2. Thank you. He isn;t sleeping very well either. He says it is the pain but tonight he admitted it might be the lack of my snoring (hmmm!)
    Mine are now getting to the age when I know in a few years they will be spreading their wings but I cant imagine the pace without them. They fill the house with noise but also laughter. I hope they still come on holiday with us!


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